New Zealand's premier high voltage testing and instrument calibration specialists, TEX Onsite commenced operation in New Zealand in 2004 providing testing to the electrical industry. 

Recent expansion has seen the business progress into high voltage transformer and switchgear installation and maintenance and substation maintenance services.  This was a natural extension for TEX Onsite, further enhancing its status as a leader in its field.

TEX Onsite is the only company built specifically around the client's need for on-site testing and calibration services and its rapid growth is due to unrivalled innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.  Responsive and agile, customer service is our number one priority.  TEX Onsite has a strong focus in this area and is committed to providing its customers with cost-effective services incorporating electronic test reports, equipment and maintenance tracking and online access to results with a full test history.  With an unwavering dedication to safety, customers are secure in the knowledge that TEX Onsite technical and procedural experts are constantly monitoring legislation and industry best practice and reviewing its procedures.

Now boasting a fleet of Fitter Mechanics and specialist equipment, we are experts in transformer maintenance, switchgear maintenance, substation maintenance, oil streamlining and Fullers Earth filtering.  This equipment is also mobile and ready to meet your onsite needs.

Our fleet of mobile testing and calibration vans and specialist technicians cover the whole of New Zealand and beyond.  With our ability to supply all of your equipment requirements and be your one-stop compliance shop, TEX Onsite can take the hassle out of your compliance regime.