Power protection maintenance

utilising the latest test equipment combined with expert technicians

Detailed commissioning testing prevents operation issues, design issues, installation errors and incorrect settings to ensure a new system that is safe for all involved in the future running of the plant.  In addition to ensuring legal compliance, regular maintenance and periodic testing allows plant owners to monitor the condition of equipment and identify and correct any potential issues before they arise.  TEX Onsite can design and customise high voltage protection solutions to specifically suit customer needs.

keep it safe, keep it working & keep it compliant

Primary equipment testing:

  • Feeder and distribution systems
  • Generators and motors
  • Busbars, switchboards and associated equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor switchgear
  • CT's and VT's
  • Transformers and associated equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Earth grid testing
  • Primary injection differential balancing
  • CB timing shots

Secondary injection and functional testing:

  • Overcurrent and earth fault
  • Differential protection
  • Impedence/distance protection
  • Generator protection and synchronising relays
  • Auto reclose systems
  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Tap changer and voltage regulation controls
  • CB fail and intertrip schemes
  • Auxiliary protection equipment
  • IEC 61850 compliance testing
  • Realistic network simulation relay stability tests

Minor design and installation solutions/analysis:

  • Protection relay retrofits and overhauls
  • Setting alterations
  • Site HV and LV thermographic surveys
  • Provision of transformer oil sampling and testing
  • Recommendations